I have finally given into the 21st Century and started a blog. I know, I’m sorry, I didn’t want any of this either. I used to think “Why write a blog? No one’s gonna read it“, now I realise that that’s kinda the point. I can write whatever I want, people might read it, people might not. But at least I’m writing more and have a written (b)log of all my tedious thoughts.

I will mostly be writing general musings. However, as time goes on I hope to include reviews and gig diaries. I will also post most my upcoming gig dates on here, great site if you want to find out when I’m next gigging near you. But why would you? I mean, c’mon. Don’t you have better things to do? You could build a shed or learn how to canoe. You make me sick!

So, I’m gonna go now, feel free to mill about and browse at my other shit.



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