I am going to Edinburgh Fringe this week where I will be performing my show ‘BLUE’ to literally tens of people.

Edinburgh Fringe is my favourite place/time in the whole world. Every August I long for deluded drama students and endless bouts of emotional pain. It’s the only place on earth I can feel invigorated and completely useless at the same time.

The festival does silly things to you. I remember last year, getting so wrapped up in the Fringe, I went to a sandwich shop and when the cashier handed me the sandwich I burst into spontaneous applause. Just out of habit. The weirdest part was when someone in the queue behind me joined in. I reviewed that sandwich for Broadway Baby.

A bit cheesy” – Red Redmond, Broadway Baby

In previous years I have mainly organised and performed stand-up showcases. Usually at least 2-a-day.

THIS YEAR I will be performing my debut solo stand-up show. A show I haven’t really finished writing. Don’t worry! I like my comedy like I like my salad. Fresh, loose and slightly undercooked.

2nd – 23rd Aug // The Soutsider // 8.15pm – 9.15pm

My show was originally meant to be about unadulterated fun. Playing with an audience and creating mad but meaningful sense of community. But then I got a job. I now work 4hours-a-day in call centre. FANTASTIC! As such, there’s a few more structured gags. Lots of material about my new found employment. Plus, a big finale where I try to get a member of the audience compensation due to a mis-sold insurance policy on their past finances. I know! It’ll be a right laugh.

2nd -23rd Aug // Opium Nightclub // 3.45pm -4.45pm

I will also be performing an afternoon showcase in association with Dead Cat Comedy. So if you fancy an easy hour of the Fringe’s finest stand-up, then pop down to Opium @ 3.45.




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